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  • QC/Technical Support

    Quality control system We provide before-sales, in-sales and after-sales service. Before-sales service: Our sales provide the customers with product quality standard documents and negotiate fully with the customers according to the company contract judgment policy, define the contract articles so as to carry out the contract well. In-sales service: Quality department organizes relevant offices and assists with the customers to carry out quality certification of the production process. We care about every opinion of our customers and response with the best solution quickly. After-sales service After-sales service: We make every effort for our customers. Delivery commitment: we trust timely and reliable delivery of the goods is the guarantee of our production rate.

    QC Staff

    40 to 49

    Procedures/testing Details

    Quality policy: We strictly carry out the quality policy and always satisfy our customer with our qualified products. Quality target: We provide 100% qualified product to improve the customers’ satisfaction. Quality commitment: quality the life of the enterprise. So we provide our customers with below commitment: We ensure all the products were developed and produced under ISO9001:2000. We deliver customers with the requested quality.

    Additional Information of QC

    Improvement of the quality During the past years, we improved the product quality steadily. In order to fulfill the increased customers’ request on our products, we will continuously improve our quality control system. We carry out quality policy and target in the whole company and we advocate continuously improvement, to make perfect to ensure our products are always at the leading level compare to the rivals, as well as to maintain our products in the advanced level compare to international vitals.

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